About School

  • Doleshwor Secondary School

    With the motto of "Children's bright face is the foundation of Education" Doleshwor Primary School is established in 2048 magh 18 on the day of martyrs day. It is located at Doleshwor in the lap of famous Hindu temple Doleshwor Mahadev. From the first day of establishment of the school, the school has been struggling with various obstacles. In spite of the obstacle the school is busy in providing the best education with the least/affordable fees. Government is unable to bring the concrete program for the betterment of the education. Being government school school has done its best to give quality education to poor and medium background student. School has given its best efforts to give the extracurricular activities. The school has aim to give the education suitable for the present world and make them good citizen. It is the responsibility of teacher to make student active and make student realization of the quality education in the changing world. To shape the future of student it is the duty of parent school and society. Sending students to the school is not only the duty of the parents. Parents must guide them. Parents and Teacher has to work hand in hand for the common welfare of the student. School has always tried its best to uplift the quality of education. We are always eager to solve the problems that come as obstracles during the teaching learning process. We do counseling with the students, we take suggestions and support with the educationlist, organization an more>>


  • स्वास्थ्य सिविर

    २०७४ मंसिर २७ गते निःशुल्क स्वस्थ्य शिविर तथा २०७४ जेठ १७ गते इयर नेपालद्वारा निःशुल्क कान परीक .....

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  • शिक्षा

    पढ पढ अब लेख पढी लेखी साक्षर बन्न लाग उन्नति र प्रगति, गरि समृद्ध बन्नन भाे भयाे अति सुत्याै अब पढ .....

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